RTP Casino Concept of 2021 Gambling

Visiting online casino sites, beginner players come across the phrase “We offer the best RTP casino slots”. Here, comes up the question: “What is RTP casino definition?”. We aimed to explain everything connected with the “casino RTP” meaning.

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100% up to £100
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Up to £200 and 100 Free Spins

Up to £200 and 100 Free Spins

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What is RTP and Payout Percentage?

RTP stands for Return to Player or Payout Ratio. Return to Player is all about online casino games payouts. A fixed payout percentage for each game indicated at the gambling site represents the sum (in per cent) the player earns back in the long term from the investment. It is counted for every 100 pounds. The top RTP casino game rate reaches 99%. In this case, playing the slot for long, you will get back at least 99 pounds of each 100 pounds wagered.

Another example: an online machine has 96% RTP. It means that you will get an average of 96 pounds back on your long-term bets for every 100 pounds (it’s a decent RTP casino percentage). The remaining 4 pounds will go for the casino, and this is the house edge (or a casino advantage).

The house edge

This term is often used in casino games such as roulette and blackjack. To mke it clear: if the payout percentage is 96.5% then the house edge is 3.5%.

casino slots rtp

The RTP for slots

The great thing is to see that the highest RTP casinos offer slots with the best return to player. Meanwhile, what is a good RTP for slots? If we look at the slot machines in the UK, we see roughly the following percentages:

  • RTP in a land-based casino: 60-70% for slots;
  • RTP slots in arcades: 60-80%;
  • The top payout to player: up to 99% in slots.

There are quite a few differences between the video slots RTPs and that is why you would do well to check in advance, what is in the game for you. We would like to classify RTP (return to player) in the following way:

  1. 91% – 93.99%: too low for a video slot. Natural for jackpot slots;
  2. 94% – 94.99%: low, but frequent;
  3. 95 – 96.99% common: most video slots fall into this category;
  4. 97%+ Excellent, above-average attractive RTP.

Note: Usually, NetEnt slots have the highest payout.

The RTP is not the same as the volatility

Online gambling houses also provide information about slot volatility. This term should not be confused with the casino RTP. Volatility means the risk that a game entails — a high or a low one.

High volatility means that you will get wins rarely, but the prizes will be large. The disadvantage is that you also go through your balance faster because it is more common that you do not win a prize.

Low volatility slot often pays but little. In this case, you win regularly, but in most cases, it concerns low amounts. These slots are better for gamblers with a smaller budget aiming to play longer within their balance.

How to find RTP at online casinos?

The payout percentage is often stated in the game review. You can see it again by opening the game. You can also find RTP on the game page of the online casino. As one more option, ask customer support or look it up on the internet.

How to calculate RTP?

RTP calculation is straightforward. Part of the information on this topic can be found above. If (playing for a long time — it is an important moment), you get at least 97 pounds for every 100 pounds paid for bets, this slot has the 97% RTP. 3% goes to a casino (the house advantage).

The UK RTP Laws

The casino RTP digit is not only an indicator for players to estimate their long-term winning chances. Interested bodies also explicitly analyze the percentages. These numbers must also correspond to reality. Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) and eCOGRA ensure that the RTPs are adhered to. You can look up the reports of these organizations, and if you dive into them, you will see the player statistics per game of the past period (month, quarter, and year). In games involving a certain skill, the player’s experience and expertise can affect the ultimate house edge vs payout percentage. All legal online casinos in the UK must provide information about games’ RTP.

Hit frequency explained

Hit frequency is a less often met term that the houses use to let gamblers know how frequently the slot will make a winning combination. For instance, when the slot has a 10% hit frequency, it will mean that 10% of the spins will bring you victory. Naturally, it is always the average digit. You can start playing and win a large sum even after the first spin!

casino games rtp

Casino games RTP

Every game has its approximate RTP meaning, and the highest RTP casinos in the UK give the following picture:

  • Baccarat — 98.76%;
  • Blackjack — 99.72%;
  • Keno — 75%;
  • Video Poker — up to 99.54%;
  • European Roulette — 97.3%;
  • American Roulette — 94.7%;
  • Video slots — 92-99%;
  • Jackpot slots — 89-95%.

As you see, compared with all casino games RTP percentages video slots give you more chances to win.

What RTP is good?

Games with the return to player over 97% are the best ones. However, the high RTP casino meaning does not automatically tell you that you will immediately win. It just increases the chance. The ratio of deposits vs payout should be approximately equal to the promised RTP in the long run. In some cases, it pays not only to opt for a low RTP. For example, the jackpot slots yield the most, but you often have to deal with a low RTP. To win big prizes, sometimes you have to take more risks. Jackpot slots typically offer a lower RTP as each spin has to contribute to the jackpot. In addition, the player also has a chance of higher payouts.

RTP at online casinos is very high

Online casinos have to deal with relatively fewer costs than land-based houses. Everything runs via the internet. Using a small server, you can also host a huge number of games. Land-based casinos need a lot of money for rent. Add here all kinds of costs, such as water and light, and you understand why physical slot machines can count on relatively lower RTP. If you wish to get the best payout, play at the highest RTP casinos online.

It is also vital to pick the best casino games RTP percentages. Check this data each time when you choose a game to play.