Online Slots: Why It Is Popular? Play The Best slots and Win

When it comes to slot machines, you have a lot of options because there is so much variety. Probably this also unsettles a player, because there are some differences between the individual types and it is not easy to find out which slot is the best for you. If that is the case, then you have come to the right place, because we will explain the different slot types and list the properties of the respective types.

Types of Free Online Slots

The field of free slots available online is a truly diverse one. Among the dozen opportunities to try, the following ones stand out.

Classic Slots

The most popular slot machines have three symbols on a reel, also called reels, and are also known as single-line / reel slots. The aim of these slots is to line up the symbols to win. The more advanced versions of these games have three reels and three rows and are also known as multi-reel / line slots. There are one to three-win lines and the goal is still to spin the same symbols, but now distributed over the reels.

Video slots

As a rule, video slots are 5-reel slot machines and are designed for the classic slot enthusiast, but also with lots of fun and excitement. As I said, there are 5 reels and 5 to 21 paylines. These games often contain special effects that are not available in classic slots. The graphical possibilities are a bit bigger here because you can use other techniques here.

Slots with a multiplier

You have probably been advised to always play slots at maximum stakes, but this is not always the case. If you prefer to play with less, the general multiplier slots are for you. This type of slot machine does not offer any additional extras or bonuses when you play with the maximum bet, like others, but you still have a fair payout rate.

Progressive slots

This slot is a slot machine that has a jackpot as the main prize. This jackpot is growing steadily because it is fed from a large network. That’s why the winnings can sometimes run into the millions. A well-known progressive jackpot is the Mega Moolah from Microgaming. But there are many others that include fantastic amounts of money.

Mega Spin Slots

If you are bored with only playing one particular slot, the Mega Spin slot is probably the right slot for you. This format allows you to play on several slots at the same time. Players can play between three to nine games at the same time, on up to 45 reels. Usually, these slots have 3 or 5 reels. As soon as you have made your bet, simply click on the Spin button and all games will start at the same time. Even if this slot promises big winnings because you are playing not just one but several games at the same time, you can lose a lot all at once because you also have to make higher bets.

Free Online Slots With Bonus

There are several types of bonuses, that casino offers:

  • Welcome bonus.
  • No deposit bonus.
  • Deposit method bonus.

Bonus feature slots

These slot machines are especially fun because they include another game in the actual game. With a certain combination of symbols, you activate a special bonus round in which you can win additional cash and free spins. Mostly you have to fulfill certain tasks in the bonus round and you will be rewarded according to the result. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen very often that you get exactly the right combination on the reels. That’s why the bonus round is always something special.

Bonus multiplier slots

Namely, one would assume that these slots are a combination of the two before, but they are not. There is almost no resemblance to it. These slots give you a bonus when you play with the maximum bet and win. If you bet one coin you get 2 if you bet 2 you get 4, and with a maximum bet of 3, you get 8 instead of 6 as a bonus on your bet.

Playing online slots is very interesting, play, and win!

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