Slot machines, its variations and features. How to play and win real money in slot machines

Slot machines which are also called One-armed Bandits are the games that give you the opportunity to win a much bigger amount of money than your initial stake. The goal of the game is to collect a winning combination of symbols while spinning the reels. The better the combinations, the bigger the winnings. It is possible to play both free slot machines and also using real money. There are two most popular kinds of slots: mechanical slots and video slots. The only difference between them is that video slots are a modern version. Modern slot machines usually have 9 or 20 paylines. But sometimes you can find really rare slots which have around 100 paylines. All the buttons on the slot machine have its special meaning, such as “spin” – to start a game, “bet” – to make a bet, “x-lines” – to play along x-lines.

Tips on how to play slot machines

As in any other games, the main guarantee of success in a casino is a complete understanding of the rules and principle of the game. Of course, it’s much better first to practice for free and then to start playing for real money. Slot machines are very easy to play, there is not any special technology. But you need to keep in mind some important rules:

  1. Have your own plan of the game and set an initial budget;
  2. Understand that every win is random;
  3. Check the machine’s payouts and bets;
  4. Choose a good payline, playe a bet and click the “spin” button;
  5. Control your emotions and your budget at the same time.

Also, before starting to play the game would be useful to learn the meaning of game symbols. All real casino slot machines have such symbols:

  • Wilds: they replace the standard symbols missing for a winning combination;
  • Expanding Wilds: they do almost the same as wilds but at the same time can expand to the entire reel, replacing all other symbols, and create absolutely incredible combinations that can bring huge winnings;
  • Stacked Wilds: they usually are located on several cells of the drum in a row;
  • Scatter symbols: they can activate additional bonus rounds and bonus games and so they are the only symbols that cannot replace wilds.

All slot machines have a payout table by symbols, so the player can always know how much he can win while getting a certain combination.

Slot machines with high payouts and strategies to win

Slots are considered as the easiest casino game as it depends mostly on luck and players usually don’t have any control over it. But still it is possible to raise your chances to win by using some tricks:

  • Always choose the slots with the highest payouts;
  • Place higher bets to get more money;
  • Determine the volatility of slots;
  • Try to avoid branded slots;
  • Use free spins and bonuses.

As was mentioned above, it is very important to choose the slot machines with the high payouts. It is an average amount of money that you can get in case of winning, comparing to your initial stake. So, finding a good slot machine with high RTP will definitely bring you bring you some good money or even give an opportunity to win multiple jackpots.

Slot machines are really interesting to play. Every casino player will have a lot of fun as it is easy and based on luck, which will guarantee you a good dose of adrenaline and joy.

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